martes, 20 de octubre de 2009


Editorial: Lara
Magazine: Vogue Paris Oct 09
Model: Lara Stone
Ph: Steven Klein

4 comentarios:

Vladacadabra dijo...

guiriiiii!! tengo una surprais xa ti, mira en tfs de siri, subi las fotos xa blanko =D

Ms Polevshchikova dijo...

las vi vladissss :D te conteste en tuenti, luego las subo

Anónimo dijo...

I think it was intentional to create this international controversy of Lara being painted darker. It's insulting and dare I say even thoughtless. I know its for fashion, but still.


Ms Polevshchikova dijo...

@kingchic I didnt even think about it. I agree its an editoral made to stand out and cause concern but i dont find it insulting, it wouldnt insult me to see Chanel Iman painted white. I think every picture of this editorial is beautiful... but thanks for the comment and bring up an interesting theme.