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Fashion Week: Paris

Thursday, October 1st.
Second day of Paris fashion week was really promising: Balmain and Balenciaga to watch. Id need a few days to write all the concern Decarnin has caused these days with his latest collection, but Ill try to sum up what i've read around and my opinion. In brief, we all agree since last year Balmain is overpriced -a single one of his jackets cost around $9,000- but we have to agree his influence has been huge aswell, it's visible in almost every chain store, celebrities and fashion editors have worn drummer boy jackets and jewel sandals. In TFS I could read about his spring collection stuff like "trashy", "expensive mess", "the next rodarte" -you kidding me?- "Jane Post-Tarzan"-this one made me laugh-. I dont think any of the girls looked trashy in the runway, yes its overpriced but ... those jackets worth it!!!!! We all had high expectations on this show but its really hard to exceed his latest two collections, however you can recognise his signature. About the new jackets .... well Id pay the cost for them. Anyway, we'll see what streets says in spring. And Decarnin is still my #1
At the Hôtel de Crillon, Ghesquière decided the world has enough cocktail wear and came up with futuristic technique and art craftsmanship. Highly structured paneled leather vest; skinny, vertically patchworked jeans; complex tanks; and sporty kilts. Balenciaga est unique.

Friday, October 2nd.
Christian Dior
, Isabel Marant and Lanvin under the spotlight. Provocative, smoldering femme fatale with red lips.... Its forties film noir theme according to Galliano, the genius #2 -sorry, the first one is Marc- Some lovely pieces at Isabel Marant and totally gorgeous and classy -as always- Lanvin.

Saturday, October 3rd.
If anyone ever doubted fashion can be an art.... Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren proove them wrong. Yup, V&R. During this saturday we could also enjoy the cone-bra corset by Jean Paul Gaultier and the know-how of Loewe when its about leather. By the way, what with Comme Des Garçons and that green hair?... what a joke, I refuse to put any pics.

Sunday, October 4th.
Many interesting shows to watch on sunday. I really liked Sonia Rykiel, vintage-Rykiel in a dance club with disco balls and silver confetti-covered floors. And there goes another genius, Im more and more in love with Givenchy after each collection of Tisci I see. Im just in love with that geometrically striped black and white jersey.

Monday, October 5th.
To start the new week, Stella McCartney and Yves Saint Laurent. Ive never been a fan of her, but in general I loved how uncomplicated, colorfull and young the collection was. About YSL, a natural and honest chic, new minimalism.

Tuesday, October 6th.
Im worried. Really worried. Since when Chanel goes mixed with hay? ... and what worries me the most, will clogs be fashionable again? If there's a just and loving God, he wont allow this to happen. Beyond that, I think no one could replace the Kaiser in Chanel, I mean if you can keep your eyes off the rustic runway, you will see Chanel' soul in every single piece -except the clogs, dont look at the clogs please-.

Alexander McQueen has caused a lot of concern aswell. The models came out, dressed in short, reptile-patterned, digitally printed dresses but everybody's eyes went straight to the shoes, grotesque shoes.... dangerous shoes Id dare to say. Jugde yourself.

Wednesday, October 7th.
On one hand, magic floating bubbles, laser-lit runway.... John Galliano knows how to make you feel in a theatre. On the other hand, the genuine Jacobs. Ive heard the begining of the Louis Vuitton show was a bit ... uhm lets say messed up, but we already know the amazing relationship between punctuality and Marc. Giant Afro wigs, brocade cycling shorts and the LV logo doesnt seem to be enough this time. So-So.

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