sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010

Fashion Illustrations

I've never been good at drawing so that must be why I really admire illustrators and drawers. Specially fashion ilustrators. Nunca se me dio bien dibujar, quizás por ello siento admiración por los dibujantes e ilustradores. Here some of my favourite ones.

Belle Kröl
Its easy to see her deep love for models in every illustration.

Judit Garcia Talavera
National product.

Danny Roberts
He is my fav above all. I have one of his draws in a frame on my desk, probably his most popular one, The Girls in Glasses.

No copyright infringement intended.
Each picture belongs to their authors.

4 comentarios:

fashionsdirtylaundry dijo...

Fantastic Spread! You collected the best fashion drawings on the web!

EnVogueLove dijo...

Ellou Ms Polevshchikova :D
It's EnVogueLove from tfs :D
I am following you too, sure.

Anyway I am really loving the first illustrator,the second is to famous for me. But I am adoring the Vogue image <3

Haidée dijo...

wow I love your illustrations.
I have done some fashion illustrations as well.


Ms Polevshchikova dijo...

Oh i wish they were mine Haidée