martes, 2 de febrero de 2010

Look of the Week #16

Spotted in: Milan
Key pieces: Long Scarf + Blazer
One of my favourites when its about streetsyle, Hanne Gaby, who totally deserves a Voguette entry in my blog asap.

Visto en:Milán
Claves: Fular + Blazer
Una de mis favoritas cuando se trata de streetstle, Hanne Gaby, que se merece una entrada de Voguette en cuanto termine los dichosos exámenes.

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Tzoules dijo...

very nice =)

i speak prada 2 =)

keep going on.

visit & follow me.

M. dijo...


lovelove, M.

Brittany & Cassie dijo...

dios mio, que blog tan geniaaaal! enstoy enamoradaa ahaha! realmente es muy bueno, buenas fotos y muuuy interesante!

un besiin, Casssie(L)

Juliet dijo...

I love the look! I linked you now and am a follower too! :D

juliet xxx

the Citizen Rosebud dijo...

Firstly THANK YOU for your comment. It's nice to know there's stylish folks out there checking out my blog. You've got a good thing going on here, too. LOVE THAT ELECTRIC BLUE! I'm going to start following your blog, would be honored if you'd follow mine, Blogger-style, or on Bloglovin'. xo.

CHER CHLOÉ dijo...

hanne siempre se ve divina y unica. me estoy enamorando de todos los collages que haces, son buenisimos!

Rue des Modèles dijo...

ando de examenes nenii!
a ver si actualizo
me encanta el outfit
me preguntó de nuevo NB x ti

Beauty Is Diverse dijo...

Nice blue blazer.

Zanah dijo...

Love her shoes :) Mon Mode Blog

betz dijo...

she is definitely adorable!


Erica dijo...

love the blue blazer


Kirstie Marié dijo...

Thank you so much for your comment!

That's a fabulous look, it's so effortless yet it looks so amazing! You have a lovely blog

Kirstie Marié

stephanie dijo...

gorgeous look :)

thanks for your comment :)
The bloglovin' link is in my sidebar under the two pictures of Ashley. It says " Follow c'est chic with Bloglovin'". It's small but it works. Click it and you can follow ;)